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Heroes Live Here


Heroes Live Here


Heroes Live Here LLC(HLH). Veteran owned company established in 2018, dedicated to providing a safe haven for veterans and their families.

Our goal is to provide affordable housing with supportive services within a quaint and serene micro community. Our communities will offer affordable luxury rental without the hefty price tag and alleviate one less burden to veterans and their families who have given so much to our country.


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The Glass Steel Apple Cabin


Size One: 5800*2250*2450mm Area of structure: 13㎡ 19㎡ 25.8㎡- The number of people: 4-6
Size Two: 8500*2250*2450mm Area of structure: 13㎡ 19㎡ 25.8㎡- The number of people: 4-6
Size Three: 11500*2250*2450mm Area of structure: 13㎡ 19㎡ 25.8㎡- The number of people: 4-6

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Volferda Smart House Co.,Ltd. is committed to scientific and technological Innovation, has a top design team and manufacturing plant, the use of industry advanced energy saving, building structure technology, invested in the research and development of Apple cabin products, to create a variety of conditions to meet the living conditions of comfortable hotel products, for people to bring more travel and lifestyle possibilities.

No foundation, applicable to all terrain, no damage to the ecological environment, no building waste, ecological environmental protection. In the factory, 40 days of production, assembly and disassembly, integrated transportation, 2 hours of on-site installation, no need for secondary decoration, shorten the construction cycle, equipped with fully intelligent home appliance control system, panoramic vision, own flow.

Our Mission

To provide Vets with a home, a lifestyle, not just a house.